Who are we?

Foot, Ankle and Leg Center of Rome was established in 2012. Upon seeing the demand for podiatrist all across Georgia, but specifically in Rome and neighboring cities, our clinic opened its doors and became both a stationary and mobile clinic.

We are dedicated to providing foot and ankle care to EVERY PATIENT. Decreasing infections and foot ailments is our daily objective. We were called to serve you!

Key Services Provided

  •  Electronic medical records  (for clarity in documentation)

  • Mobile clinic patient care 

  • Uniformed procedure carts

  • Infection control policies

  •  Diabetic shoe program

What is a “mobile” clinic?

We come to you! Foot, Ankle and Leg Center of Rome provides services to Assisted Living Facilities and nursing homes all across Georgia. We understand that many Assisted Living and nursing home residents are sedentary, which poses problem when it comes time to seeing a physician or healthcare provider. Our clinic cuts out the middleman and comes to the patient’s door. Servicing over 60 facilities across Georgia, our program is time tested and filled with innovative corporate structure. Our doctors come equipped with all the supplies needed to treat our patients, guaranteeing satisfactory results.