Dr. N graduated from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine in Manhattan, New York. The school is located in New York City where many of the most prestigious health care institutions in the world are found. Dr. N raised 4 children while attending Medical School in New York.

Upon completion of her medical school education and residency, Dr. N practiced in New York City before moving to Georgia to start her own clinic, Easy Walk Foot Clinic. In 2012, she purchased a well-established practice from a retiring Podiatrist in Rome, GA.

Dr. N is married with four children. All of her children have graduated college and are working towards their careers. Dr. N has dedicated her life to serving others in her home and in her community.


Robin is our Front Desk Receptionist and CMA. She is very helping with any questions you may have regarding appointments and scheduling for services not performed in our office. She has been with our office since 2014!